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30 Jul 2017 12:34
Best Places To Play Golf Wt* Admin!!! Are we being spammed?
20 Jul 2017 03:53
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16 May 2017 15:51
Trekking Shoes Those Salomon's are good too. Merrell probably doesn't have any exclusive retail stores here. But that is true for most good brands, be it boots, apparel or technical equipment. I did have a couple but they are gone. Sorry. :)
28 Apr 2017 05:30
indians summiting everest without supplemental oxy Hi Kunal, One of my acquaintances shared This Link with me. I repeat such lists and records are of no use to me personally; in fact most things "everest" seldom excite me. But ... I promised to check with my friends and one of them reverted with this...
09 Apr 2017 06:36
About myself Hey!! Welcome to the forum. There are a number of posts addressing the same concern. I would advise you to go through them. Hope you find this forum useful. Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 The links to the posts I am referring to are listed...
24 Feb 2017 19:04
Guidance needed regarding Basic Mountaineering cou Hi Anil, Welcome to the forum and to the sport. These are very general concerns for someone just delving into adventure sports (mountaineering in particular) and not really "concerns". Since you're already following a training regimen and your post...

" Climbing is the lazy man's way to enlightenment. It forces you to pay attention, because if you don't, you won't succeed, which is minor -or you may get hurt, which is major. Instead of years of meditation, you have this activity that forces you to relax and monitor your breathing and tread that line between living and dying. When you climb, you always are confronted with the edge. Hey, if it was just like climbing a ladder, we all would have quit a long time ago." -Duncan Ferguson.