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TOPIC: Kheerganga trek in December

Kheerganga trek in December 5 years, 2 months ago #1051


We are a few friends planning to go for a winter trek around Dec 11. After a lot of discussion, we boiled down to take up Kheerganga in dec as this is our vacation time. We will be a group of 5-6 friends (boys and girls), some of us have done serious expeditions, but this is the first time we are moving to himalayas in winters. Here, I wish to know how suitable will the trail be? I know its gonna be terribly cold but we are fine with that. Also, what difficulties are we likely to face? will the buses ply from manikaran to the base in that month? will there be accommodation and food available or should we carry or own tents and fuel etc? With that, if someone can direct me to some link or person who has previously embarked this journey in mid-dec. And, I wish to ask whether there's a possibility of climbing any peak in the vicinity of that area.


Re: Kheerganga trek in December 5 years, 1 month ago #1056

Hi Akash ,

Like a lot of other places in India , this trek is gaining popularity and my guess is you will get accommodation . There are a couple of wooden lodges (one of them run by a French women is what I heard from a friend) and these lodge's are open as they some keen trekkers might explore route this in Winters .

Frequency of buses will be lesser but you should get them . Dont really think you would need to carry tents or fuel .

Re: Kheerganga trek in December 5 years ago #1061

Thank you for replying. The trek was amazing. Just a few pointers for all those planning to embark upon this trek specially in winters. I suggest to take the not so popular route via Kalgha village, its way better than the one from Nakthan village. We didnt find a single trekker on this route, its much greener and offers complete solitude. The trail wasn't well defined but with some recci one can easily clear it out. There was only one shelter that was open then at Kheerganga and two teams who had come there from Nakthan side had already taken the tents available with baba. therefore, it was good that we had cared to carry our own tents. Moreover, we took the other route during our descend( that is via nakthan this time) and it was a pretty dull and monotonous trail comparing it with the other one.
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