" The thought of approaching action aroused strange and contradictory emotions in me. I felt an immense pity for all the little men who toiled on in the prison which society has succeeded in building against the open sky, who knew nothing and felt nothing of what I knew and felt at that moment. Yesterday I was like them, and in another few days I would be like them again. But today I was a prisoner set free; and tomorrow I would be a lord and master, and commander of life and death, of the stars and the elements." -Giusto Gervasutti.
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TOPIC: Great Mountaineers - Fanny Workman

Great Mountaineers - Fanny Workman 6 years, 4 months ago #102

Fanny Bullock Workman (January 8, 1859 - January 22, 1925) was an American geographer, cartographer, explorer, and mountaineer, notably in the Eastern Himalayas (Karakoram). She was the first woman to ascend Nun Kun in the Himalayas (23,000 ft), achieved three first-record ascents for women in the Karakoram Mountains, and the first ascent of Biafo watershed peak (21,350 ft). In 1911 she explored and mapped seven glaciers of the Hushe and Kondus systems, Karakoram, and she discovered the water-parting between the Indus and Chinese Turkestan.'

She usually traveled in conjunction with her husband Dr. William Hunter Workman. She was one of the claimants, in the first decade of the 1900's, of the women's altitude record, vigorously defending her claim against that of Annie Peck. Her claim was based on an ascent of Pinnacle Peak, a subsidiary peak in the Nun Kun massif of the western Himalaya.

She is the co-author, with William Hunter Workman, of five mountaineering books, and several cycling books. One of her books is "THE CALL OF THE SNOWY HISPAR: A NARRATIVE OF EXPLORATION AND MOUNTAINEERING ON THE NORTHERN FRONTIER OF INDIA" published in 1908 in UK. Another of her books is "TWO SUMMERS IN THE ICE-WILDS OF EASTERN KARAKORAM: THE EXPLORATION OF NINETEEN HUNDRED SQUARE MILES OF MOUNTAIN AND GLACIER" published in 1917 in USA.

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