" To live for some future goal is shallow. It is the sides of the mountain which sustain life, not the top." -Robert Pirsig.
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TOPIC: Tips for mountaineering expeditions

Tips for mountaineering expeditions 7 years, 2 months ago #401

Here is a list of tips that I found on Tim Mosedale's site that should be useful to everyone-

o Elongate all your zippers and zip pulls so that you can use them with big mitts / gloves even when it’s windy

o Take lots of AA lithium batteries as they are so much lighter and last so much longer than regular alkalis in cold temperatures.

o Down booties are a really nice luxury (if you have poor circulation then they are a necessity when higher up the mountain). I put duck tape on mine to protect the soles (good idea) and then nearly slid off down The North Col when I tramped around in them to go to the loo (bad idea). After that I slipped my big boot outers on over the top of them to go for loo breaks and this worked fine.

o Practice putting your gear on and tweeking zips and Velcro tabs with big mitts on at home. If things become second nature then you’ll spend less time standing around and getting cold.

o Computers and iPods don’t always work so well above 5,500m because of the drop in atmospheric pressure. Consider minidisk or cd players if you’re taking music. Leave your laptop at Base Camp.

o Take a lot of books and a few games because you’ll need to be able to occupy yourself for extended periods. If you are taking Scrabble then it’s worth taking a dictionary or the Scrabble word list book to prevent fisticuffs.

o Multi vitamins are worth taking along so that even if you aren’t eating for a while at least you won’t be lowering your resistance to infections.

o Take a pillow.

o And a Thermarest inflatable cushion to sit on in the mess tent.

o NAME EVERYTHING with marker pen to prevent temptation as you’ll be leaving heaps of stuff on the mountain

o Generally speaking a lot of the stuff sacs that come with down jackets, sleeping bags etc are all black which makes for confusing times when looking for specific items in your kitbag. Take LOADS of the exped stuffsacs (a variety of different sizes and colours) and label them with marker pen so you now what the contents are.

o And whilst you are at it you may as well pop your name on them as well.

o Get a Heatexchanger Balaclava by The North Face – it will protect your throat from the cold air when you are going up and down the mountain.

o Take a goodie bag with a few luxury items that you know you’ll still want to eat even when you are at your lowest ebb. I'd go for savoury rather than sweet as you tend to go off chocolate after a while (impossible I hear you say but it's true). We had gherkins, olives, cheese, pate, crunchy nut cornflakes, parmesan, liquorice allsorts etc etc for that bit of extra variety every so often.

o Take a sponge to wash your bits.

o And wetwipes to maintain some semblance of personal hygiene.

o And anti bacterial hand gel to use after EVERY visit to the toilet so that you don’t pick up an infection and prevent spreading anything amongst the group.

o And a small brush to make you feel human every so often.

o And some cotton wool buds.

o Take a pee bottle for higher up the mountain (you may want to use it lower down too) and make sure that you have practiced using one before using it for the first time in anger.

o If you are taking a digital camera take plenty of memory and make sure you have a fresh card (and fresh battery) for summit day.

o Take loads of non freezing(!) sunblock (or sleep with it in your bag at night. If it won't squeeze out easily you won't put enough of it on and you'll burn real bad)

o And lots of moisturizer and lipsalve (again with SPF).

o And 2 pairs of goggles (Julbo Enak recommended as your main pair as they have Cat 4 lenses and a great field of view).

o Also I would strongly advise that you carry a vial of Dexamethasone (providing you aren't allergic to it) and a 2ml syringe in the event of getting (HACE - High Altitude Cerebral Oedema).

Read more- www.timmosedale.co.uk/info/top_tips.htm
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