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TOPIC: Climbing 8000+ meter peaks - what does it take?

Climbing 8000+ meter peaks - what does it take? 7 years, 7 months ago #52


I am a complete novice and an amateur as far as mountaineering is concerned

I want to climb a few technical/non-technical peaks in my life
It will take me at least 2 years to reach my goal

I had a few questions
1. Does one need to know rock climbing to climb mountains like Mt Everest or other 8000+ meter peaks?
2. What does it take and what does one need to do to achieve this?
3. What sort of experience should I have before I attempt an 8000+ peak?
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Re: Climbing 8000+ meter peaks - what does it take? 7 years, 7 months ago #56


8000 + is almost everyone's dream in this fraternity . There is nothing defined as to what all should you do to climb a 8000 + , but yes - there are certain basics I can advice :

- Do a mountaineering course (atleast basic) and if time permits even a advanced so that you are well aware of all technique's, risks and details of planning a climb and then going for it.
- You formally dont need to know rock climbing , but its like knowing how to float (If not swim) before jumping into an ocean. The experience and knowledge will definitely help) .
- Typically , if you have climbing experience of a couple of 6500 + or even a 7000+ before attempting a 8000+ , it would surely add to the experience.
- 2 yrs is a good time frame and it's do-able in this time .. :)
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