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TOPIC: Explaining Crash pad and what is better - buying or making?

Explaining Crash pad and what is better - buying or making? 7 years, 2 months ago #547

What is a crash pad? can I make one or have to buy it ? please guide.

Re: Explaining Crash pad and what is better - buying or making? 7 years, 2 months ago #548

Buying a crash pad is an easier option than making it. One of the most important things to consider while you buy a crash pad is design and material qualities as that has an impact on how well the pad can absorb the fall. These aspects are –
  • Foam- there are 2 types – open cell and closed cell
  • The former one enables good soft landings while the latter is better when it comes to spreadin the impact over a greater area. Have a combination of both .
  • Fabric and Stitching – the fabric should be really sturdy, like Cordura. It is resistant to scrapes, abrasion and tears. Making sure that the fabric is properly wrapped on all sides will help in maintaining the pad.
  • Buckles –
  • Buckles and straps are essential for a bouldering/climbing crash pad. They hold it together while you’re carrying it. Check the buckles carefully prior to buying, along with the strap material and how the strap is attached to the pad. Avoid plastic Fastex-type buckles as they are prone to breakage, after a few months of pad use.
  • Suspension/Harness System – this is important to let you carry the pad easily and comfortably on your back.
  • Pad Pockets- Some bouldering come with zippered pockets, convenient for carrying car keys, sunglasses, watch, and sunscreen while you’re trekking out to the climbing wall.
  • Pad Design - hinged fold-out pads and taco-shaped fold-out pads are two types of pads. Hinged pads involve two separate fabric compartments joined together with hinges when you fold the the pad. Taco pads comprise a single compartment when you fold the padin half. Generally, climbers prefer hinged pad since stiff closed cell foam facilitates firm landings on durable foam. Buy the one you feel is easy to carry.
  • Buy a pad which is of most convenience to you. Pads involve many sizes, widths, weights, and shapes. Depending on where you go rock climbing, how high you tend to get off the ground and other factors, chose a pad wisely.

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